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(= come about) anything is sure to turn up → irgendetwas passiert schon; items Have a very practice of turning up → irgendwie findet sich alles; it’s amazing just how points turn up → es ist manchmal erstaunlich, wie sich die Dinge finden

We turned our attention to functional issues → Nous avons concentré notre attention sur des considérations pratiques.

commutate - reverse the way of (an alternating electric powered present) each 50 % cycle In order to supply a unidirectional present

= transform, make turn out to be → verwandeln (in(to) in +acc); the shock turned his hair white overnight → durch den Schock bekam er über Nacht weiße Haare; his achievement turns me environmentally friendly with envy → sein Erfolg lässt mich vor Neid erblassen; the smoke turned the partitions black → der Rauch schwärzte die Wände; to show the lights down reduced → das Licht herunterdrehen; this warm weather has turned the milk (bitter) → bei dieser Hitze ist die Milch sauer geworden; to show a ship adrift → ein Boot losmachen und treiben lassen; his aim turned the game → sein Tor gab dem Spiel eine andere Wendung; to show a revenue (esp US) → einen Gewinn machen, einen Revenue einfahren (inf) ?

grow, transform - pass into a ailment progressively, take on a specific property or attribute; come to be; "The weather turned unpleasant"; "She grew offended"

Theat etcetera → Nummer f; they obtained him to complete a convert for the get together → sie brachten ihn dazu, auf der Bash etwas zum Besten zu geben

convey about - bring about to maneuver into the opposite review route; "they introduced with regards to the boat whenever they noticed a storm approaching"

Management, run - take care of and induce to operate; "do not function machinery immediately after imbibing alcohol"; "Handle the lever"

turn into, change - undergo a adjust or growth; "The water changed into ice"; "Her former friend grew to become her worst enemy"; "He turned traitor"

secularise, secularize - make secular and More about the author attract clear Homepage of a spiritual orientation; "Ataturk secularized Turkey"

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to turn sb's head: earning all that money has turned his/her head → se le han subido los humos con lo de ganar tanto dinero

(= get active) immediately after a brief relaxation, they turned to their perform once more → nach einer kurzen Pause machten sie sich wieder an die Arbeit

the economic climate could ultimately be about the convert → puede que por fin la economía de un giro importante or cambie de signo

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